Wild Stabs at Love or Something Like it

a short story collection by Jessica Harman

Wild Stabs at Love or Something Like it is a short story collection in which love is examined as an imaginary place in the mind, as well as an agreement between two people that is real but tentative. These are stories of two ships passing in the night, of intercultural communication, of being lost and finding one's self in others, and in one's self.

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About the author

Jessica Harman is a writer whose work has appeared in journals such as "Nimrod," "Spillway," "Bellevue Literary Review," "Stand," "Arion," "Poeisis," "Tears In The Fence," "Iconoclast," and "Rosebud." Her first full-length collection of poetry, "Dream Catcher," released in February 2013, is available on amazon.com, and also from Aldrich Press. Her second collection of poems, "Sky Juice," is forthcoming from Propaganda Press in the autumn of 2013. She teaches creative writing at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, sometimes.