a novel by Patrick Whittaker

Rhiannon was dead but it didn't last. Her husband has downloaded her mind into a computer-generated world where he is Lord and Master and she has no rights.

For him, it's Heaven. For her, it's Hell.

Danny Jasinski is a freelance computing genius on a mission to hack the unhackable, while battling bizarre hallucinations and paranoid conspiracy theories.

What’s real and what isn’t? And who's really in control?

Sybernika is an unsettling, thought-provoking and hugely entertaining sci-fi novel.

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About the author

Patrick Whittaker is winner of the British Fantasy Society's Short Story Competition 2009. He has directed a number of short films, several of which have garnered awards for him.

He currently resides in Blackpool, England where he works as a government phone monkey.

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