Queen of the Jews

a novel by NL Herzenberg

In contemporary New York City, a Jewish woman falls in love with a Palestinian wall painter who has been charged with killing her.
Galia, a Russian Jew living in New York, has no idea that the man she’s drawn to, Alejandro (not his real name), isn’t Mexican at all, but is actually a Palestinian who carries out the wishes of his Mastermind, ostensibly a college professor. Where she sees a passionate, hard-to-reach riddle of a man, he sees a woman who is swept up in a global conspiracy to undermine Palestinian claims to Jerusalem—all because of a book she posted online about the ancient Hasmonean dynasty. But as they draw closer, Alejandro begins to question his assignment, putting them both in grave danger.


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About the author

N.L. Herzenberg is a pen name of a Russian-born artist, writer, poet, and playwright. Under her real name she is the author of several books of poetry and prose. Her work has been translated into several languages, including Japanese, Dutch, Greek, and Spanish. She lives in New York.

"Very original. A monumental work of vibrant imagination."
--Moris Farhi,Turkish author, vice-president of International PEN since 2001

"This rich...novel works on many levels, and it is impossible to label it, to define it by genre. It is both a love story, a philosophical novel, a historical novel, a surreal fable, a meditation on the absurdity of extremism, an allegory of our condition, and a mystery. In a nutshell, it is an original and beautiful novel."
--Dmitry Borshch