Not a Lot of People Know That Vol.2 by David Hailwood and FJ Riley

In the second volume of David Hailwood and FJ Riley’s ridiculously accurate Not a Lot of People Know That, we learn that all winning Lottery numbers add up to 56, the University of Life is a real place, and 36% of Mexican waves are started by fly-swatters. We hear the story of the world’s least successful fake hermit, and discover why the Isle of Skye is populated almost entirely by injured celebrity chefs. Based on literally minutes of painstaking research, Not a Lot of People Know That Vol. 2 is the most well-informed book since Not a Lot of People Know That Vol. 1.

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About the authors

Half man, half cabbage, Dave Hailwood can often be found hanging around near drain covers on a never ending quest to bag himself a Ninja Turtle.

He writes comedy material for anyone who'll take it, and occassionally dabbles with cartooning and comic script writing. 

He has a blog at: which he occassionally remembers to update. 

FJ Riley is a man. In his spare time, he dances with wolves, and has a collection of rare allergies. His allergies currently include pink marshmallows, birch trees, balsamic vinegar, cotton wool and all human contact.