Happy Fat Children and Protein Enhancers 

a poetry collection by Tom Duckworth

Composed mainly of anagrams and rearrangements of words, Tom Duckworth's Happy Fat Children and Protein Enhancers creates witty, eccentric poetry out of road signs, bank notes and crisp packets. The author describes his poems as "mathematical problems to which I have found a particular solution for."

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About the author 

Tom Duckworth started writing poems as a hobby whilst studying at Exeter University. Most of his poems are anagrams of text that he comes across in his day-to-day life. He enjoys this way of creating poems because it reminds him a lot of a mathematical puzzle that he can try to solve.

Since publishing Happy Fat Children, Tom has spent many weekends away exploring the British countryside and big cities around the world. He is currently working on a new collection of anagram poems using the text captured in photographs from his adventures.